Go to your admin panel at app.xcopy.co (if you have not yet registered your app, and yourself as a developer - please, go to http://xcopy.co/registration.html, make registration and follow all the instructions in email).

Go to "Manage"/"Applications", choose an application and copy to buffer App key (not APP ID!!!). So to start counting time, that the user spends in your application, call a function StartSession with 2 params: 1- Application Key, that you copied to buffer and 2 - apikey, that was returned from AskApi method:

Software SDK contains 3 dlls:

    Newtonsoft.Json.dll, OpenUDIDCSharp.dll, XCopy.dll.

Add reference to each of them in your project.

Add usage of XCopySDK namespace in a file, where you plan to call our SDK methods:

C# example:

    using XCopySDK;

To call a form for asking apikey you should declare a string variable and call AskApi:

C# example:

    string apikey;
    XCopy.AskApi(out apikey, "Your App Key");

which returns true if apikey is correct and false if user could not enter a proper apikey. Also it returns apikey, that a user entered. The valuable feature of our SDK is that you may paste that code in any place of your program, game or system - at start of application or after passing some levels (if you develop some game) or after some time passed.

C# example:

    XCopy.StartSession("Your App Key", apikey);

After that the time (in other words, money) started to be counted. If you want to stop time counter - simple call StopSession method:

C# example:


Also you can do it anywhere in your program - when a user passes some level or a user goes in in-game shop, for example, if your app is a game. After that you may start seeing all the analytics in admin of app.xcopy.co, when a user comes into your app