What's Xcopy?

Xcopy is Subscription Saas Model that allow any Mobile app to run in saas model we also Support Web app and Software desktop Real-time mobile analytics software, focusing on ease of use, extensibility and feature richness. Xcopy is an innovative, real-time , It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior.

How does Xcopy work

Xcopy tracks mobile applications and mobile devices using a small plugin (SDK) that you integrate in your application in under 10 minutes. After you submit your application to relevant application store, Xcopy immediately starts collecting data.

Which languages does Xcopy support

Xcopy supports more than 11 languages.

Where can I download Xcopy mobile SDKs

All source code can be found on Xcopy web site only on SDK-API page Click Here

Which mobile operating systems are supported

Xcopy officially offers integration with world's four leading smartphone operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. However, Xcopy can also track desktop applications and any devices which are capable of sending HTTP requests in general. For a list of SDKs, see this page.

How can I use Xcopy for desktop analytics

Xcopy uses same SDK for iOS and Mac OS X. Use this SDK to track your Mac OS X applications.

Can I check my stats from my iPhone Android

Soon we will be launching our apps

Can I use one account for several applications

Yes, one account can control more than one application.

How can I help you with your efforts

Glad you asked. We need ideas, feedbacks and constructive comments. If you want to see Xcopy in your own language, please send us to mail : support@xcopy.co. Do not forget to subscribe to our Twitter & Facebook pages, in order to follow our fast progress.