What is Xcopy

Xcopy is saas subscription billing - Our technology allow any Mobile app to run in saas model we also Support Web app and Software desktop.

App Publisher Plan

Free Plan - App Publisher get 1 app and Pay a fee 10%

Paid Plan - App Publisher get Unlimited apps & Setup price & Pay a fee 2%

Set Up Price

It is available in Paid plan - App Publisher Charging customers no limit on price and time

How to Start

It's very simple, only three steps:

Step 1: SignUp (Registration)

Step 2: Download SDKs

Step 3: Installation SDKs

Customers Plan

Pay as you go (Saas model) - The customer pay only for the time they use

Fees Plan

We charge between 2% to 10% percent - This is according to your plan

Payment date

You can withdraw your earnings After obtaining profits $25 - Or on the 15th of each month

Hosting & storage

We are not Hosting any Apps or Code