Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it that you sell?

We sell a cross-platform system for running SaaS businesses, allowing them to operate as a mobile, desktop, or web application.
More specifically, we allow any app to run on SaaS model pricing. This means user who use this app will start pay you for the time duration of using your app.


2. How do I get payment?

Your users will pay us, and then we’ll pay you after deducting the charges.


3. How can I set the price?

You can do this from our system dashboard. For example, you can set the price as $0.50 per hour, and then the users would be paying $2 for 4 hours.


4. What are some of the alternatives to your product?,, etc.


5. Why should you use it?

We give a complete solution for growing your app sales.
In the dashboard, you will start seeing in real time what your user like in your app and what they like to pay for.

Here are the pertinent features for your SaaS business:

You will start profiting from charging SaaS model prices.

You can implement a freemium model on your app. For example, users can use 30 minutes for free, and then pay for additional time.

We also can work with you if you’re developing a game or any other app on a SaaS business model.


6. Why was this started despite of all the existing alternatives?

Because we give a complete solution to a SaaS business model in one platform: mobile, web, and software. Others just handle web component.


7. Who would benefit from this product?

App publishers, developers, entrepreneurs, etc.


8. How is your application different from the alternatives?

We can run on mobile devices, on the desktop, or in a web browser. Furthermore, we provide analytics, a payment gateway that works on a recurring revenue model.


9. What payment models do you have available?

We currently support 3 models: pay as you use (billing by time of use), pay as you read (billing by reading), and pay as you watch (billing by time viewing).


10. What kind of features do you have?


11. How soon can I start using your service after sign-up?



12. How can I pay?

We Support PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Bitcoin. We will add more options later.
If you need special arrangements, email us at


13. What happens to my subscribers if I delete a plan?

You have the option to back up your data before the deletion is complete.


14. How is my information stored?

We store all information in our servers, but you can ask for full back up at any time - and it’s free.


15. What happens if your service is down?

We work hard to prevent this from happening. If this happens we have an emergency plan for changing servers. Your data and your customers are safe in the case of emergency. We also have an insurance policy to cover this.


16. Do you have any downtime?

No. We work 24/7 with full support over email and phone.


17. Who is responsible for chargebacks?

There are two options:

If our system manages the chargebacks, it’s done automatically every month. Furthermore, we keep a close eye on them in case if problems arise.


18. Can I change my company name or how charges appear on a customer’s credit card statements? If so, how does that work?

You have two options.

We can develop a special model for large company. (For Proposals please email:


19. How easy is it to set up taxing structure for my country and/or state/province?

With Xcopy you can currently configure two types of taxes - General Tax and European Union (EU) Value Added Tax (VAT). Once you've configured the corresponding tax settings, the taxes are calculated from the subtotal amount of the invoice and your customers are billed accordingly.
Taxes are applied whenever an invoice is generated, in these scenarios whenever applicable. such as when a subscription is created, renewal of an existing subscription, addition of a one-time charge.
General Tax
General Tax is any standard tax you will want to apply on all the products you sell. The tax amount is calculated on the subtotal amount of the invoice and depends on the percentage rate you configure.
To configure your general tax follow these steps:

To set up EU VAT tax, please email us at


20. What API/SDK do you currently support?

Mobile - android - iOS - Windows Phone - blackberry and other
Software - All Dot.Net
Web - Html5 - Web App - wordpress - ASP.NET and other


21. How do we install the SDK?

We have a video in the documentation guiding you to do this:
Also, our blog discusses this at


22. What kinds of analytics can I track?


23. Does your service allow me to apply special discount coupon codes to support my marketing?

Yes. You can control that.


24. Do you provide coaching services for app publishers and developers?

Yes - we have free coaching videos on Youtube. You can order your private coaching services by emailing


25. Does your platform provide assistance for tax reporting in my country?

Yes we do. Send us an email at


26. Can I setup my app price?

Yes, from the dashboard and you can change that any time.


27. Does your platform have SSL certificates?

Yes. All data is encrypted.